Sensory and Therapeutic Curriculum

The Sensory and Therapeutic curriculum supports individual students to be as active as possible in their learning.

  • We listen to our students voices
  • We prioritise developing positive relationships with every student
  • Every activity is individual to each child, based on an in depth understanding of each and every student and their learning needs
  • We support students’ communication and self-expression
  • We help pupils establish positive self-esteem
  • We offer choice. Students who are curious about the world around them are able to learn. Motivation grows from experiences, from interaction with people and the environment.
  • The curriculum and its delivery is interesting, inspiring, engaging, motivating, relevant and stimulating
  • We use repetition and consistency of approach to support the children to understand their world
  • Teaching is delivered in a secure and safe physical and social environment
  • The opportunity for the unplanned is allowed to happen
  • We value all sources of knowledge when planning the curriculum. Co-operation with parents, therapists and other agencies ensures shared feedback providing information that is necessary for an accurate assessment, planning and consistency.
  • We recognise and celebrate achievement

As well as ensuring our children have engaging and relevant learning opportunities, time is given for physical management, nutrition, personal care, any medical requirements, independence skills and social time with peers. We know that it is vital that our children are physically healthy, pain free and happy in order to develop and secure new skills.

Sensory and Therapeutic Curriculum at Hadrian School