To start off our fantastic week we had our usual carousel of work, after playtime we had a walk around our school grounds hanging our bird feeders on the trees in our school grounds.   In the afternoon we had a calming meditation session listening to different under water sounds to stay on topic with The Great Barrier Reef.

On Tuesday morning we looked at how to clean our teeth properly. We learnt how long we need to brush for and how much tooth paste we need to use. We then put it into practice and we all cleaned our teeth. Later that day we had our weekly food lesson where we made fruit scones which we enjoyed with butter and jam.


Wednesday was our morning routine of our carousel, after break we had a PE lesson we did a 1 mile walk in class with lots of different movements. After lunch we had an arty afternoon where we made our very own coral reef display. We made it with salt dough and food coloring.

Thursday was a day for learning about our topic. We found out about scuba divers and all of their equipment which they use to swim around the sea and how they see the fish under water. Thursday is class 9 favorite afternoon as we have the thrive room where we enjoy our time sharing our toys and playing with our friends.

To end our week we had our achievers assembly, where watched our friends from different classes achievements and progression. After assembly we had a long play in the adventure playground, playing with the scooters and the pushchairs. In the afternoon we had a playdoh modeling session making different shapes.




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