On Monday we had a very busy day, we had our usual carousel that we do every morning before playtime. After playtime we practiced brushing our teeth for 2 minutes listening to our song. In the afternoon we had our first lesson in Lego therapy working as a team to build different heights and shapes. To finish our day we went to the trim trail to work on our climbing skills.


Tuesday was a very fun and exciting day. In the morning we had our usual routine and then we had our food technology lesson earlier where we made salt dough for our Friday afternoon. On Tuesday afternoon we had a whole school ceildh where we danced in a big circle moving round the sports hall holding hands with all of our friends at Hadrian.

We hope you all enjoyed your extra day off on Wednesday.

Thursday we were straight back into our routine in the morning of our work carousel. After break we designed our own fish following our topic on The Great Barrier reef using different paper and pencils to create scales. Our favorite afternoon of the week is a Thursday afternoon in the thrive room.

Our final day of the week was started off with an achievers assembly, watching our friends videos on the amazing work they have been doing over the half term. After assembly we have a long playtime with all of our friends. After lunch we had a salt dough lesson with the dough we made on Tuesday, making different shapes and counting out how many pieces we have cut the dough into. To finish off our week we had a special treat of going to our school soft play.





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