The Compass Trust

Hadrian School became a foundation school within a charitable trust in September2013.

Since then there have been a number of changes to the make up of the Trust. Currently the Trust is comprised of two foundation special schools within the city of Newcastle, ourselves and Sir Charles Parsons, with Newcastle City Council being the other key partner.

To find out more about our partner school please click this link:聽聽Sir Charles Parsons

The Trust works to support the schools by formalising partnership working for the benefit of all the schools, their pupils, students and families, and ensures that partners are committed to the success of each school for the long term, helping to shape their strategic vision and ethos. The Trust also holds the lands and assets on trust for the schools. In common with other Foundation Schools, staff are employed by the Governing Body

The Trust鈥檚 vision for its schools, their pupils, students and families is set out below.

Newcastle Special Schools Trust

(The Compass Trust)

Setting the direction for specialist education

Journeying together

Learning together

Stronger together


Through collaboration, innovation and challenge the Trust will:

路 improve the educational experience and achievements of its pupils,

路 advocate on behalf of its pupils, their parents and carers, to develop and improve the quality of services they are offered or may require,

路 work in partnership with other agencies to improve the continuity and provision of services both across the Trust and the wider education, social care and health communities,

路 promote the efficient, effective and creative use of its partnership resources,

路 provide a framework for challenge across its schools


The current Trust members will in time, seek to attract additional partners from higher education institutions, local and national businesses and charitable organisations to help support and challenge it to meet its aims and achieve its vision.


Forename Surname Category Board Meetings attended Start End
Sue Alexander Director 2 out of 3 01/09/2021 31/08/2025
Ashley Ferguson Director 3 out of 3 04/10/2022 03/10/2024
Karen Hamilton Director 3 out of 3 04/10/2022 03/10/2024
Michael Quincey Director 0 out of 1 21/03/2023 20/03/2025
Alex Rayner Director 1 out of 2 04/10/2022 03/10/2024
Chris Rollings Director 2 out of 3 04/10/2022 03/10/2024
Ray Steele Associate 0 out of 1 21/06/2023 20/06/2025
Steve Wegrzynski Director 1 out of 3 02/09/2018 01/12/2024
June Ball Director 3 out of 3 02/09/2018 08/08/2023