Assessment at Hadrian School


Assessment at Hadrian School is an integral part of the teaching and learning process.  It is concerned with revealing information about each pupil’s performance, irrespective of the performance of others.  Pupils, parents and all appropriate adults are involved in the assessment process.

Record keeping is an on-going process, which supports assessment; it provides evidence of pupil’s achievements and forms the basis for future curriculum planning.  The relationship between assessment, planning and record keeping forms a coherent process, which reflects all aspects of pupil development.

Every child at Hadrian School has a Personalised Learning Plan (PLP) which we use to assess their progress through individualised outcomes designed to address their Education, Health and Care Plan.  These are based on their Long Term Outcomes, broken down to Medium term Outcomes and further to Short Term Outcomes, if appropriate.  We recognise the importance of every child’s individual progress and learning journey – therefore, we focus on their ipsative assessment and compare their progress against themselves to allow for articulation of their spikey presentation.

Teachers are aware of children’s progress and are continually inputting into their PLPs to demonstrate achievement, challenge and support.  They are aware of individuals’ strengths/development areas and particular interventions.  Teachers work very closely with class staff to create outcomes that are appropriate and addressed by the whole team.  Class Staff work collaboratively with Multi-Disciplinary Professionals to ensure EHCP outcomes are reflected in children’s PLPs.

Children’s regulation and Mental & Emotional Health and Well-Being are targeted using the Thrive approach with outcomes designed to address elements of their EHCP.  We record their profiles and monitor progress against outcomes which directly impact their mutual and/or self-regulation and presentation.

For children accessing subject specific study, we also refer to the Newcastle SCART as an additional Assessment Toolkit.  This is used to assess children’s progress in English, Maths and Science.

Additional sources of evidence for demonstrating individual progress can be found in our Half Term Achiever videos, Certificate Assemblies, Good News Boards, Rebound Assessments and Halliwick Water Skills Assessments.

All children in school are currently exempt from national testing.