Delivery of the Curriculum

Whilst the aims of the school curriculum will be the same for all pupils attending Hadrian School the nature of the ‘received curriculum’ will differ for individual pupils. Each pupil is entitled to an education that shows breadth and balance but also, and most importantly, relevance to his or her specific learning needs. Styles of teaching and learning may differ according to the subject content being taught. The idea that pupils must be active learners is central to all activities and will be seen in teachers’ classroom practice

The National Curriculum

We have a responsibility to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all our pupils. Where it is appropriate, we aim to ensure that all pupils participate as fully and as effectively as possible within the National Curriculum and the statutory assessment arrangements. We apply the three principles outlined in the Statutory Inclusion Statement to modify the National Curriculum Programmes of Study to provide pupils with relevant and appropriately challenging work at each Key Stage, and to inform whole school curriculum planning.