On Monday we had a busy day filled with lots of work and fun we had our usual morning of our work carousel moving round the classroom doing different activities. After break we celebrated Kian’s 9th birthday with a birthday party we had lots of party games and dancing, in the afternoon we headed to Lidl to get our shopping for our food technology lesson on Tuesday.

Tuesday was another fun packed day we had cosmic kids jungle adventure  yoga, we learnt lots about all of the animals in the jungle and the noises that they make. After lunch we went into the food technology room to make our koala fruit kebabs with lots of different fruits including pineapple and kiwi.

Wednesday was a different kind of day  as we spent our day in the food technology room as our class room was being painted by some very kind volunteers from media city. Our morning started with mark making and practicing to write our names. We continued our day by making bird feeders with string and different types of cereal which we later hung outside on the trees.

We had a very exciting lesson on Thursday learning all about the animals in Australia, we felt their different textures and heard the sounds they make, we did this by playing ”I’m a celebrity” style game, we had boxes filled with different textures and animal toys and we all took  turns to feel inside each box ,without looking, and had to guess what animal we thought was in the box. We were very brave , and we all enjoyed the new experiences and the unexpected textures, and also not knowing what we would feel within the box. In the afternoon we went to the thrive room to do roleplay and share our toys with each other .


We ended our week with an achievers assembly with lots of singing and dancing to celebrate our friends great achievements that they have made this half term.  We enjoyed a lovely playtime in the snow sledging and throwing snow balls. After lunch we had a wonderful afternoon with our Doctors and Nurses role play, and some of us played dough disco and practiced forming letters with the dough too.

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