Hi everyone,

Great week back and straight into work, considering it was all fun, fun, fun for the last few weeks before Christmas the children dealt with it really well and did some excellent English and Maths work. We even did some Geography which was fun, well done guys we are very proud of you all.

Monday we made American pancakes in food technology and the children each designed their own with fruit and then ate them at snack time. Art on Tuesday we collaged the American stars and stripes flag for our new topic America.

PE was interesting this week we did team game activities and the children fully embraced it and they all tried their best, teams were even clapping when other teams won, fantastic spirit.

Friday assembly Max got the certificate for swimming, he also got a medal, well done Max.

We’ve also had a lovely time getting to know Andrew, Emma and Zack this week.

Any fruit donations for snack time would be much appreciated.


Have a lovely weekend from Class 13 staff.


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