On Friday we celebrated Hello Yellow which we renamed, Mellow Yellow! (by accident)

However, it was a Mellow Yellow day as it turned out. We were so chilled in Assembly in the morning which was great to see. Gabriela got her Weekly Achiever’s Certificate and we all shared the chocolate buttons. Before lunch we continued with our Body Awareness Programme where we all come together on bean bags and explore different body parts in a relaxed and calm environment.

In the afternoon we decided to go outside and explore different areas as the weather was so good. Our new children loved exploring the Flow Area and managed to find the furthest away places! We also spent some time on the Trim Trail. What a fabulous day!w

We also had a great week preparing for the Harvest Festival Around The World. We explored Slovakia  and made a gorgeous cake from Slovakia called a Blueberry Bublanina cake. We also listened and danced along to a lovely Slovak song all about collecting fruit. We presented it in the Assembly. it didn’t win but that didn’t matter. We tasted it the next day with mixed reactions. (William loved it though)

We’re sure to have another great week next week.

June, Babs and the Team.

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