This week we had our first outing to the Yurt. This is a type of tent which is in the outdoor space. It’s a fabulous outside classroom with it’s own log burner. We showed the children how to make a fire and soon we had a very toasty warm Yurt. Whilst we were cooking scrambled eggs we enjoyed joining in with favourite songs. We then had scrambled eggs and toast which was delicious. After our snack we explored the wooded area with the big trees and the old boat. The children loved running around. climbing and rowing in the boat. For the last part of our morning we worked on our counting skills using the lycra, monkeys and elephants. We all worked together and had a great session. We  recorded it for Maths Week and next Friday in Assembly we will watch all of the classes’ videos around Maths skills.

We hope yo have a good weekend.

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