Hello and welcome to our first Class Blog. It’s so good to be back and to welcome new children to Hadrian School. We’ve had a great few days back, settling in and making new friends. We are busy finalising the Timetable and will send it out to you very soon. However, we’ve wasted no time in getting stuck in and already have had Jabadao, Rebound, PE, Art, Sensory Play, Communication/letters and Sounds groups, Maths/Early Numeracy group, Food Technology and loads of other things too. We are concentrating on building relationships with each other and also finding out about what the children like, (and don’t like!) to do.

Our Project this Half Term is “It’s Good to be Me!” so we would love you to send in photographs of your child at home with family members and doing things they like to do at home. You can send them in on the Class Dojo or by  email.

Here are some photographs from the last week and a half.

Oops we’re having difficulties getting the photographs in. As soon as we can, we’ll get them on. You can also head over to our Class Dojo where you’ll find photos on our Class Story.

Reception/Year 1 Team AKA June, Babs, Sue, Leanne, Yvonne, Alex and Toni.

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