As part of our topic of ‘Natural things’, we visited Dobbies Garden Centre. We explored the sights and sounds around us. We played in the soft play and had lots of fun together. What a great visit had by all!

We also visited Morrisons where we explored the seasonal aisle of gardening. We enjoyed looking at garden toys. We also visited the café to make choices of what we would like to eat or drink.

Natural things  

We have been learning about Natural things as part of our Summer term Early Years topic. We had a great opportunity to watch and grow our very own caterpillars. We received them in the post just after we got back from the Easter holidays and then we watched as our caterpillars ate their food, grew and grew and grew and then they formed into their chrysalis. We then waited very patiently and watched as the first beautiful butterfly emerged, followed closely by the rest. We were all so excited and couldn’t believe our eyes. After a couple of weeks, we were ready to let our 5 butterflies free into the wild to find their new homes.

Every Thursday we visit the caravan which is in the caterpillar garden. We are enjoying exploring the environment, having a snack as well as learning to make ourselves a drink and some toast. This is vital in supporting our preparation for life.


The end of an Early Years Era…

The last day of Reception,

look how much we have grown.

We have learnt so much and can’t believe

how fast this year has flown!

Now look at my picture,

and just think for a while.

Look how much I have progressed this year,

I bet this made you smile!





Have you all have a restful Summer break. As always, Thank you so much for all your support over the last year. We cannot put into words how proud we all are of your children.  We know that they will continue to shine bright next year.


Love Fran, Lauren, Michelle & Yasmin xxx

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