Hi everyone, happy Friday!

This week we’ve taken part in the school wide Sports Week! With all of the teachers working together to plan different events, we’ve spent the whole week this week learning about new sports and taking on a new sporting challenge each day.

On Monday and Wednesday we took part in two special sessions of Jabadao with new equipment and special sensory lighting. We all loved the chance to experience a different style of Jabadao and were very excited to try out different tools to aid our exercising!

Tuesday morning brought us the chance to go orienteering which was a new challenge for almost everyone! During this lesson we had to work together to reunite Alfie the dog with some of his favourite toys that he had lost around the school grounds. Following a map drawn by one of our friends Anthony in Rachel’s class; we found clues, did challenges and reunited Alfie with his toys! On Tuesday afternoon we took part in a lovely dancing lesson with our friends from Phil’s class, lead by Coralie. We threw ourselves into the warm-ups and made sure to properly stretch before getting the chance to dance! First with scarves to relaxing music and then we got the chance to experience some belly dancing; we all loved trying on the coin belts and getting to shake our hips to fast-paced music!

Thursday morning was our chance to try our hands at an obstacle course and welly wanging in the caterpillar garden. Who knew throwing wellies down a hill was 1) a sport and 2) so much fun!

As you could probably tell, we’ve all had the best week and we couldn’t be prouder of the whole class for throwing themselves into every new challenge with gusto! Now I think we’re all well overdue for a couple of days rest over this weekend, especially as next week in Dave’s class we will have another jam-packed week, celebrating two birthdays and taking a trip to Rio for our Brazilian carnival!

Have a great weekend! – Dave and team 🙂

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