This week, we have continued our work on biographies and have been writing some amazing facts about Bob, the Man on the Moon. We have really been working on our letter formation and segmenting cvc words in our writing. As you can tell by our work, we have become such amazing writers.

This half term we have been focusing on Bench ball. This is a game that requires a lot of skills such as team work, communication, listening,  throwing and catching. Due to this matter, this week we really focused on our throwing accuracy skills. We took it in turns to throw balls at the opposing team which we really enjoyed. This was extremely beneficial for building our confidence up, as some of us weren’t sure about having a soft ball thrown at our legs.

As it is coming up to April, our Shakespeare rehearsals have kickstarted again. This week Maria, Perry lee, Muhammad Raza and Muhammad have been practicing their roles in the performance. We cannot wait to see what more is to come.

In Maths this half term we are focusing on measurement. This is something we have all been superb at in the classroom. We are able to compare and describe the lengths of different objects and measure them using cubes or a ruler. As we have been amazing at measuring inside the classroom, we decided to take a trip outside to take our skills even further. We found different objects from outside that were on our list and we had to first estimate whether or not they would be bigger or smaller than 5 cubes or 10 cm. Once putting out estimation skills to the test, we then were able measure the objects and write down the measurements.

Last week, we spent the day in the yurt and we made some lovely fairy circles and hammered our fairy houses down to some tree stumps. This week we have decided to make our fairy garden look even more beautiful and we have done some amazing planting. This was rather tricky as the ground was very solid and had lots of weeds in it, however we showed a lot of resilience with our digging skills and we managed to get all our plants into the ground. We cannot wait to see them grow and show you all how beautiful our fairy garden is.

That’s all from us this week, we hope you have a lovely weekend and stay safe.

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