What a happy, festive start to the week having an Eid assembly. Some of our class enjoyed listening to the story read by Mr. Rolling’s while some of the class enjoyed being in soft play. We also had a chance to listen to some music and try some food brought in by some of our friends in Hadrian which was so tasty! Our day was followed by having a party with friends from Dave and Phil’s class full of music, bubbles and singing.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our session in the Hydropool where we are exploring pouring and filling, splashing and floating on our backs. We have been working really hard using our Core Vocabulary and Communication Activity Boards throughout the session too!

A new session we have been doing is the preparation for life. We have been using our own personal hygiene products to practice some skills such as brushing our teeth, washing our hands and face, combing our hair and even filing our nails. The hand washing is our favorite being able to make bubbles in the water with the soap.

Since coming back from the Easter holidays we have a new exploration topic ‘sticky’. This has been interesting to look at. We’ve been able to explore resources such as magnets, different sellotape’s, PVA glue, playdough and slowly we have become more confident in exploring them more independently and getting all messy.

Have a lovely weekend,

Loveday and the team.

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