Hi everyone 🙂 We have just been set up on the blogs and are really excited to show you some of the things that Class 2 have been doing this half term.  The Children have settled really well with their new Teacher Rachael and we are so proud of all they are achieving every day!

This half term our topic is Asia, the children have had a great time exploring Chinese themed Messy Play, exploring lots of lovely textures, colours, smells and tastes.

Our sensory story this half term had a Chinese New Year theme and they loved listening to Chinese music and dressing up in all the lovely coloured gowns and feeling the silk fabric of the tunics.


They have also created some lovely art for Chinese New Year with red and yellow paints around the Year of the Rabbit. The children in Class 2 thoroughly enjoyed using paint and exploring the colours and messy texture of the paint, brushes, sponges and rollers.  As well as paint, the children have done some fantastic mark making with chalks, pens and in other materials such as sand, glitter and even yoghurt this half term.

This half term we took part in Children’s Mental Health week, the theme this year was ‘Let’s Connect’ and was all about making connections.  We marked this by inviting parents into school for a Coffee afternoon and it was so lovely to get the opportunity to chat with parents and for them to spend some time in class with their children and their peers.

The Children had a wonderful time celebrating Valentine’s Day last week, we had a lovely sensory session with paints and lots of different paper, felt and card.  Class 2 loved exploring the different textures and tearing the paper.

The Children have continued to love their regular Hydrotherapy, Rebound, Jabadao, Thrive Room, Soft Play and Mud Kitchen sessions.  We have seen lots of wonderful progress during these sessions, particularly around communication and making relationships.

I hope you all have a great half term break with your wonderful children, I look forward to sharing more of their school adventures with regular blog posts after the break.

Rachael, Kira, Adam, Leighanne, James and Tracy 🙂


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