We have had a busy few weeks here in Class 5.

We are still enjoying our mud kitchen sessions on a Monday morning and its a great way to start our week, blowing off the cobwebs. We love dancing under the hose pipe and we have had the opportunity to explore our music shack where we can make sounds, loud and quiet using the various instruments in there.


We have also been letting out all of our energy at the sensory suite sliding, swinging and balancing of the various pieces of equipment in there. We have also enjoyed and extra special P.E. session on a Monday afternoon building up our confidence and our strength, climbing, running, jumping, balancing and crawling through the various apparatus in the school hall.

We have also been very busy making our passports ready for our airport trip and on Tuesday we had the opportunity to go out on our school bus, ride the metro and explore the airport. We scanned our passports and had a cuppa while we waited for our flight! Every single one of our little legends handled the change in routine, the different environmental sounds and smells and the transitions with grace, it was a pleasure and a joy to take them all out. We also had a special treat and visited the wheatsheaf pub for our lunch where we all enjoyed a fabulous  dinner of pizza, chicken nuggets and chips and played in the little play area.

After all that busy work we have finished off the week with a relaxing hydro session.


We hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you bight and early on Monday morning.

Fran and the Team 🙂

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