This week we have gone totally bonkers over Asia sampling a wide variety of cultures and objects of reference from various different countries within Asia.

We began the week by making our very own Asian fans by painting various vibrant colour’s and sticking on wonderful gold paper, we loved looking at the light reflecting off the gold paper while we were sticking it onto our fans. We then used our skills to fold the paper into fabulous fans which we moved up and down to create air on our faces.

We then looked at the map of Asia, pointing out and exploring the green land and the blue sea. We then used various materials and tools to stick on and create our very own map of Asia.

After all that cutting, sticking and making we explored some of the food and various textures of Asia. Feeling lentils, chickpeas and rice and saying whether we like the feel or not. As you can see we all loved the various textures and we especially loved banging on our sensory mood table and watching the rice dance across the surface.

We also explored the different sounds and smells of Asia and as you can tell by our faces some of them weren’t too our liking – but we all gave it a go and we are so proud of all our children and how well they will accept new smells, textures, tastes and experiences within school.

As well as all of this we have had our usual timetable and therapies have have enjoyed a fabulous swim this morning.

Just a reminder that school breaks up for half term on Thursday 16th of February and we will return on Monday 27th of February.

Fran, Vikki, Lauren and Yasmin

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