Hi everyone, what a lovely time we’ve had this week here in Dave’s class!

We’ve seen some huge progress with communication this week, and being able to look back on videos from our first week as a class has left no doubt that we’ve already had some incredible progression class-wide; three of our pupils have already leapt from using 2×2 grids to 6×2! As a class, communication is at the heart of everything we do (while it might look like we’re just having lots of fun and playing around!) and so it’s amazing to be able to see our class unlocking their communication and beginning to find their voices. We’re so excited for the rest of the year to see how incredible our pupils can be!

We hope you enjoy having a flick through some photos of our week, we’ve really taken every chance to explore all of the amazing spaces Hadrian School has to offer us!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, we can’t wait to see you all on Monday relaxed and raring to go! – Dave and team 🙂



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