Hi all, happy ‘first Friday in Spring 2’!

This blog is going to be all about how we celebrated World Book Day 2023 here in Dave’s class, and let me tell you we all had the most brilliant day!

The grown-ups thought long and hard about what they could be, but then Emma told everyone she had lots of blue face paint at home… so there was only really one clear choice, wasn’t there?!

Can you guess?

How about if I tell you that the grown-ups have spent nights cutting out toadstool houses, sourcing white hats and practicing our Belgian?

That’s right, specially for World Book Day 2023, class 6 transformed into The Smurf Village!

We all loved exploring all of the forest themed resources set up around the classroom, and singing some happy smurf songs with our friends from Phil’s class, before dashing off for our slot with the wonderful ZooLab!

ZooLab are an amazing group who organise special workshops in school that combine storytelling and up-close encounters with incredible creatures. We were lucky enough to meet Rob, our lovely presenter who walked us through a very special animal hunt and introduced us to five very special guests; William the snake, Matilda the cockroach, Turbo the Giant Snail and even Bellatrix the tarantula! We were all incredibly engaged and incredibly brave, touching and petting even the creepiest of the crawlies! Check out the photos below to really see just how much fun we had with ZooLab, thank you so much for coming in!

Finally in the afternoon we got to enjoy a very special World Book Day assembly, where we played three very fun rounds of the masked reader, sang along to songs from books like ‘A squash and a squeeze’ and then our Alexis and Emma took to the catwalk to show off their costumes!

We all had so much fun celebrating World Book Day together, and already can’t wait for next year!

Check out the posters our Jess made for the members of our class, how cool do we look on the front covers of our books!

Have a lovely weekend everyone – Dave and team 🙂




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