Hi everyone, Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a wonderful festive break, with plenty of time for rest and recuperation amongst the hustle and bustle of Christmas time!

We were so excited to see our little class on Monday and couldn’t wait to start exploring all of the new topics and lessons we have planned for Spring 1 (who else can’t believe it’s already the Spring term?!) We took it at a slower pace on Monday and Tuesday in order to help readjust to our school routines; so have enjoyed time playing, creating messy art and exploring music, but come Wednesday everyone was right back in the swing of things like we’d spent no time away!

Our new sensory story topic for this term is ‘Space’ and so on Thursday we were amazed to open the classroom door and be transported away to the Milky Way! The adults had created lots of different zones to explore and discover, along with writing a very special story for us. We followed the story, working together to help build our rocket and blast off to the Moon! We all had a wonderful time exploring, and already can’t wait for our next trip into Outer Space!

We’d like to send a special shout out to our lovely William, who received our certificate in assembly today! Will has had an incredible first week back to school; remaining regulated for extended periods of time and displaying lots of amazing engagement in lessons. Well done William, we’re so proud of you!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, see you on Monday! – Dave and team 🙂





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