Apologies for our late Blog! We have been so busy as you can see!

Last week we celebrated World Animal Day on Monday by learning all about animals in the African Jungle and cutting and sticking some on our own jungle scene. Some children even tried drawing their own. We themed our Maths games this week around African animals and the other big theme we had which was Harvest!

On Wednesday we celebrated Harvest Festival with a Special Bake Off Assembly where each class chose a country to make a special Harvest food item to be judged by Mrs Stokle and Mr Rollings. Our class made Potato Farls from Ireland. The children had a fabulous time hand mashing the potatoes and cooking the special bread.

We also had a visit from an Army Truck this week and the children got to sit in it! They were very excited!

In Science the children experimented trying to melt the fruit from Handa’s Surpise out of the ice it had been frozen in. They used warm water, syringes, and some even resorted to rubbing it! The children also did some lovely fruit printing as well.

We have also started work on our Halloween themed door for next week’s Halloween celebrations by making some ghosts, pumpkins and scary spiders.

Finally we took some lovely ‘jailbird’ themed photos for our class birthday board. We think you’ll agree we have the cutest prisoners around!

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