A very unusual week here in class 5, but we had lots of fun on our class trip to Northumberland Zoo. The children were all impeccably behaved and were an asset to our school. Although it was very cold we were wrapped up all cosy and enjoyed looking at all of the fabulous wildlife the zoo had to offer. The children were able to see birds of prey, fruit bats, lemurs, insects, a raven, donkeys, cows, a horse, snow leopards and lots more. The zoo really is host to a wide range of different species.

The children also had the chance to go into the gift shop and choose a gift of their liking from the money provided by home. We couldn’t wait to show our parents and carers what we had bought and we hope all of the change found its way back to you including a free pass for your child to enter the zoo.

Dates to remember

Parents evening will be held on Thursday 23rd March


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