Hello everyone and welcome to our weekly class blog!

This week in Loveday’s Class we have had a very busy week. On Monday’s we always begin the week with Outdoor Learning and we are so happy that the sunshine is starting to make an appearance! We’re really lucky here at Hadrian and we have lots of fantastic outdoor areas to use. This term we have been using the Mud Kitchen and the Early Years Playground. We have also enjoyed Sensory Art, it does tend to get very messy but it is lots of fun! This term we have been exploring ‘gloop’. The children are fantastic at using their hands to explore as well as using a range of tools and utensils – to help develop their fine motor skills.

We have also enjoyed some physical activities this week such as: Music and Movement, Body Awareness, Jabadao, Rebound and Soft Play! These sessions are always high scorers on our Engagement board!

This week we started our new Exploration theme. Child led learning is such a success with the children in our class so we decided to set up a variety of different stations for the children to choose from. We had lots of small world activities set up for the children to explore such as, cars, babies and dolls houses. The babies were such a hit but we think that might have something to do with the baby baths and lots of splashing going on! The children also enjoyed our Salon and Messy play area.

Unfortunately our St Patrick’s Day assembly has been postponed, but that didn’t stop us having lots of fun!

In preparation for assembly we had a very special St Patrick’s Day exploration session. We hope you enjoy the video which shows what a lovey time we have had!


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