Hello everyone and welcome to our weekly blog, this week we thought we would share our Sensory Story with you. This half term our story is called ‘Walking through the jungle’.

Our Sensory Stories are based around engagement and communication and this story has definitely been a hit with the children!

Throughout our story we use repetition, call and response, songs, music and lots of props to make the story as exciting as possible. We also have vocabulary that we focus on, in this story is ‘stop, look, listen, more, fast, slow, go’ and ‘help’.

We begin our story by walking through the jungle to hear a ‘drip drip drip’ which is rain falling from the clouds! Our music begins and we use blue material to form a parachute in the middle of the circle which some children love hiding underneath, while lots of the other children love exploring our water spray bottles. Spraying themselves, their friends and sometimes the staff!

We continue our walk through the jungle and meet a frog, and as our story goes he’s ‘the slimiest frog we’ve ever met’. During this part of our story the children have great fun and get very messy exploring our taste safe frog slime!

The next friend we meet in the jungle is a bird, tweeting in our ear. We all take turns to press the switch to listen to the bird sounds while we enjoy some intensive interaction and dancing using lots of different coloured scarves. We also have a fan connected up to a switch so the children can work on their cause and effect skills.

We continue on our walk through the jungle when we suddenly come across…. A tiger! We enjoy exploring tambourines while we listen to ‘Roar!’

Our final song in the story is Jungle Rhythm from the Jungle book – We sing, dance and explore some more of the resources to celebrate having lots of fun in the jungle.



  1. I’m a Special needs teacher who has just been searching for inspiration for my own jungle sensory story. I had to leave a reply to say how much I loved this, it sounds amazing!!

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