Hello everyone and happy Friday!

This week we went the Sir Charles Parsons and kicked off our weekly swimming lessons. It was great fun! We focused on getting used to the pool again, walking from one side to the other and we managed to put our heads under the water. Once we had done all our hard work, we then got loads of toys out and had a great play in the pool. We cannot wait to go back again next week and learn some new skills.

This week in English we have started a new book called ‘The tell me tree’. We have been talking about how we are feeling and even went outside to find our own tree to talk to about how we are feeling.

On Tuesday Katy, from Fun little foodies, joined us again. This week we yet again listened carefully to Katy’s instructions and we made our own blackberry Flapjack. This then linked in very nicely with Wednesday’s lesson. We found out where our food comes from. We knew that eggs come from chickens, chips come from potatoes and we even learnt that bread is made from wheat. Once we had done our matching activity, we then went out for a walk around the school and picked some apples and blackberries of our own.

Unfortunately, this week we were unable to go Horse riding, however we still had a great afternoon! Instead we had a relaxing movie afternoon and had some sweet treats.

We cannot wait for another fun filled week at school next week and we hope you have an amazing weekend!

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