Already we can see potential friendships blossoming. Happy Friday friends.  We have had a very busy third week!  Staff and children have merged as a team, beautifully.

As a school we have a wonderful outdoor learning curriculum, filled with exciting opportunities to learn using the wealth of outdoor spaces we have to access.  Our class learn outdoors everyday, come rain or shine.  We have waterproof clothing and footwear for every child in class, to allow children to learn outdoors despite the unpredictable British weather.
This week has been no different.  Here are some photos of our children using the internal quad to work on their PLP (personal learning plan) outcomes.


Lots of our children are very motivated by water play.  These are golden opportunities to support great communication.  This week we worked on communication targets using the water play environment to encourage children to make requests.  Here are some photos of our fun times learning using water….


Our class follow a very physical, therapeutic and sensory curriculum.  Rebound Therapy is a weekly session which our class LOVE.  We follow a structure every week to encourage a range of movements from each child.  We use music as a cue to follow a routine in which we balance, crawl, walk, climb and stand using the trampoline as a base to challenge each child.  Lots of children need these sessions to expend some energy while others use the movement of the bed to enjoy deeper stretches and more stimulating position work.  We are very lucky to have our own bespoke Rebound Therapy Centre.


Already we can see potential friendships blossoming…..

Have a wonderful weekend.  We look forward to another fun filled week next week.


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