Welcome back to a new school year we hope you had a lovely summer! We are all so excited in our class to have some old faces back and some new children joining us this year!

This year we are a year 2/3 class mix and we have some lovely new topics to be working through. This term our learning will be on the theme of Africa. However this week the children have just been getting to know their new surroundings, the staff and eachother as well as learning the new routines.

We have some that are new to school this year so we would like to say a big welcome to Jacob and Leighton! They have both had a fabulous first week and we have really enjoyed getting to know them.

The children have been doing some learning about 9/11 this week and they have made some lovely American flags for our class display. We have so many new boards to fill! They also had a secret ballot and elected their new class representative for the school council. Zack won the election and he will attend meetings with Mr Rollings during the year to discuss important issues and share his ideas.

Thanks so much to everyone who sent in food to fund our new breakfast club we will be running this year. Our club will help promote the children’s self help and independence skills and hopefully give them brain food to start their day. We welcome any donations of cereals, bread and milk.

Have a lovely weekend and keep checking on our fun weeks ahead!

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