This week the children have started learning on their new English text ‘Handa’s Surprise’. They have been exploring and learning about all the fruits in Handa’s basket and even managed to taste them all! The Guava was very hard to find so we had to get it shipped in and the children were all very excited for its arrival, we waited until Wednesday for it to arrive. Then Robina had to try and carry it all on her head like Handa while the children snuck up and stole the fruit like in the story. They cut the fruit up in Food Technology and made a delicious smoothie using the blender.

They have also been creating some lovely Art and Design Technology pieces based on the Topic for the term ‘Africa’. They have been making some Maasai Tribe necklaces from paper plates and started a beautiful African Sunset picture by ripping paper and sticking it on. They have looked at maps and coloured their own map of Africa as well as doing some Maths based on counting fruit this week.

Our children have a breakfast club in class every Monday and Wednesday morning to practice their self help and independence skills. We also encourage communication and other important skills such as sharing and helping others in these sessions. This week the children have thoroughly enjoyed this in the mornings and we feel it is so important to get that ‘brain food’. I would like to thanks our parents for helping fund this by sending in so many lovely breakfast things for the children to try.

We also had our Nafisa turn 8 this week – Happy Birthday Nafisa!






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