We had a jam packed week of fun at summer club this year!

Hadrian school summer club runs for one week at the beginning of the summer holidays.

This year we began our week with a visit to Shiremoor Adventure playground, there was all sorts to do we went on zip-wires, basket swings, the large wooden play structure was great for climbing, running, hiding. We played basketball, rode bikes and even petted animals.

Tuesday we headed to Newburn Park for a play and picnic before heading to the leisure centre to use the adapted mobility bikes, we even got to ride them outdoors around the carpark and field.

Wednesday we went to Hall Hill farm were we got to pet lots of different animals, ride on a bumpy tractor and whizz down the big slides in the adventure play area.

Thursday was our beach day but was a typical British summer day grey, wet and miserable so we headed off to Adventurelands for soft-play fun, after our lunch it was still wet and miserable so we drove to St Marys lighthouse were we all got ice creams and watched the waves crashing around.

Friday we all stayed in school with our friends who had enjoyed summer club in the Rebound centre.  They had a week of sensory circuits, rebound, messy play, sensory stories.



At Summer Club the group that stayed in school had a brilliant time. We had full access to all of the resources and equipment down in the Rebound Centre and Sports Hall so we had a very active week and were able to enjoy a Rebound Session every day.

As well as this we filled our time table with lots of engaging activities to enjoy. The Training Suite was transformed in to a Relaxation Space filled with lights and sensory toys where the children enjoyed listening to calming music and being pampered while using the foot spas and enjoying massage.

The mud kitchen and music shack were also firm favourites during the week and even though we weren’t so lucky with the weather we still got wrapped up and had lots of fun making mud pies and getting soaked with the hose!

Everyone loved our Sensory Drama session. The children got right in to character during our ‘Journey through the storm’. We all climbed on board our boats and we were transported to the stormy sea! When we had to abandon ship we explored the depths of the sea in the dance studio which had been transformed in to a sensory underwater experience which everyone thoroughly enjoyed! Huge thanks to Phil for coming in to support us in that session and taking the lead with the music, lights and singing!

The fun didn’t stop there we enjoyed bubble fun out on our flow field where we used bubble wands, bubble guns, and hula hoops to make giant bubbles!

We also loved our Sensory Story ‘walking through the jungle’ where the children used sight, sound, taste, touch and smell to experience what it would be like and who you might meet walking through the jungle!

On Friday all of the children from both groups  got to experience some real animals, some friends of ours brought in lots of reptiles and creepy crawlies for us to look at and hold! The children were definitely braver than the staff!

A party in the hall seemed like the only way to end the week! The children loved singing and dancing with glow sticks and lights – we have some super talented karaoke singers in school!

Thank you to everyone who supported our summer club.


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