Wow, what a week we’ve had this week in Dave’s class!

As you’ll all know by now, we’ve been packing the last couple of weeks choc-full of Christmas themed fun in the run up to our winter break, but this week we’ve hit our all-time Christmassy high with our show-stopping debut in our Hadrian School Christmas performance!

Thank you so, so much to everyone who came out to support us and wave us on, we loved spotting so many familiar faces as we climbed up onto the stage. We decided along with our friends in John’s, Phil’s and Loveday’s class to deviate away from the traditional nativity, and instead create our own, very special take on a perfect Christmas Day! We started by waking up and exploring snow, snowballs, Christmas lights and icy weather, before moving on to wrapping (and unwrapping!) presents, playing with bows and ribbons, and even climbing inside of some massive present boxes! Finally we got to dance and celebrate at our Christmas party, complete with the perfect backing track of Slade and over two hundred balloons!! We all had the best time exploring, playing and engaging on stage, and it was so, so lovely to be able to show our loved ones how much fun we have at school.

Please enjoy these photos of our week. We hope the upcoming wintery conditions won’t dampen any fun this weekend! See you all on Monday – Dave and team 🙂


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