Hi everyone, happy Friday and happy Remembrance Day; we’re having a special school-wide assembly this morning to pay our respects and give our thanks on this important day.

This week Hadrian School was lucky enough to get a visit from some real life superhero’s; the firefighters and cadets from West Denton fire station! A couple of weeks ago, these lovely people did an amazing job of raising money for our school and as a class we made them some cards and a big banner to say thank you, so when we found out that they’d actually be coming into school we were all so excited!

On Wednesday morning we could barely contain our excitement when we heard the fire engine arrive, and while we all waited incredibly patiently for our turn, as soon as it was time we raced outside as fast as we could.

We all got a turn sitting in the back of the fire engine and trying on the firefighter’s helmets, but the fire engine was so big and so high off the ground that a very kind fireman had to give us all a lift up and down again!

We also all got a turn of using the firefighter’s hose, which was a lot heavier and a lot more powerful than we had thought it would be. We’re a class full of water-babies here in Dave’s class, so any activity that involves water is a clear favourite! Some of us brave souls even got right in the hose’s stream and ended up drenched!

After all this fun it’s only right that we have a weekend off school to relax and recharge, don’t you think?!

Have a great weekend everyone – Dave and team 🙂


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