What a great week we have had in our class learning all about recycling for World Recycling Week. We have learned all about the things we can recycle and what we can’t. We know now why we recycle and we have our own class recycling box!

The children have been doing lots of fine motor activities this week like colouring recycling symbols, writing skills and even using fine brushes to paint some fruit from our story Handa’s Surprise. We have some very skilled painters in our class. They have also been practicing their chopping and grating skills in Food Technology to make some Jollof Rice, which is an African Dish with tomatoes, onion, spices and rice. As our topic is Africa, we made this this week and it was delicious! Very spicy!

The children have made their own paper this week and had a lovely sensory experience in the process. They ripped up the recycling paper in class that they would’ve binned and soaked in water overnight. They then used the blender to make something called paper pulp! It was very slimy! Then the children had to drain all the water from the pulp using screens and by squishing it. They then mixed in some glue and rolled it out into sheets of paper. It’s still drying!

Also this week the whole school was lucky enough to have a visit from La Sonora, a Columbian Band. They LOVED this and thoroughly enjoyed dancing and playing along with the music.

Finally today they ate cake to support The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning and had some tea and coffee (decaf!) as well as enjoying the Mud Kitchen and Sea Shanty Shack this afternoon for some singing.

Very busy and exciting week!


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