Planning starts from the basis of every child’s needs, interests, aptitudes and achievements.  It supports all staff to determine how best to enable all children to achieve through a rich variety of learning experiences.  It is done by class teachers jointly with the class team, colleagues and other professionals.  This is key to our approach, working collaboratively, sharing strengths and expertise as well as supporting each other.  Our planning is useful, relevant and appropriate.

Personal Learning Plans are based on the information in each child’s EHCP and are written by Teachers in consultation with support staff pupil’s parents/carers and other professionals.  They are formally reviewed throughout the year and outcomes are evaluated on an ongoing5 basis. The balance of outcomes within PLPs is dependent upon pupil’s needs.

The outcomes are under the headings of cognition and learning, communication and interaction, social, emotional and mental health, physical and sensory and preparing for adulthood.

Subject Specific Curriculum Planning – the planning written for these children includes Maths, English, Science and subject plans under the creative topic. The subjects may be art, drama, DT, history, geography, IT, music, outdoor learning, PE and PSHCE.  The plans deliver subject specific outcomes plus individual PLP outcomes.

Explore and Discover Curriculum Planning – The planning written for these children includes Maths, English, Science and a plan for the topic. The plans deliver individual PLP outcomes.

Sensory and Therapeutic Curriculum Planning – details of activities are written for these children for each of the activities included in their timetable.  The plans deliver individual PLP outcomes.