Roles and Responsibilities


Governing Body:
The governing board monitors the effectiveness of the curriculum framework and holds the head teacher to account for its implementation.  It participates actively in decision-making about the breadth and balance of the curriculum.

The AAAP Committee reviews termly Curriculum Co-ordinator updates detailing the intent, implementation and impact of all areas of our curriculum.


Leadership Team:
The leadership team lead the school staff to deliver the broad variety of fun, exciting, relevant, purposeful and creative learning opportunities that celebrate every child’s individual talents and personalities.  They monitor and moderate its implementation while providing continual professional development opportunities for all staff.  They reflect on the curriculum approach and adapt and review when needed to ensure it is meeting the needs of all of our children and is based on the latest national and international research and thinking about the teaching and learning of children with additional needs.


Subject (Curriculum) Co-ordinators:
Ensure children experience broad and balanced curriculum by working with teachers to support in developing the topic plans and monitor their subject coverage across the school

  • organise enriching whole school activities and events,
  • organise and deliver CPD around their subject area to inspire and build confidence in staff to teach every subject
  • provide subject resources
  • provide update reports on the intent, implementation and impact of the work in their areas every term to governors.