Working in Partnership


Families are partners in the development and education of all pupils and consequently an ethos of working together is valued.  All parents are made to feel welcome, valued and necessary through a range of different opportunities for collaboration between children, parents and practitioners.  The knowledge and expertise of parents and other family adults are used to support the learning opportunities.

Parents are involved in setting and reviewing outcomes in pupils’ PLP’s.  Parents work on the development of key skills at home. Co-operation between home and school ensures that learning is shared, valued and supported.


Visiting professionals
Hadrian School frequently works with many different visiting professionals. Effective collaborative working practices are facilitated and encouraged by:

  • active support from members of the senior leadership team
  • time for regular, formal and informal discussion
  • joint planning, problem solving and decision making
  • understanding and respecting the roles and goals of other professionals
  • the use of a common language which is easily understood