The Purpose of our Curriculum

Children experience a broad variety of fun, exciting, relevant, purposeful and creative learning opportunities that celebrate every child’s individual talents and personalities. They feel part of the Hadrian family. They experience loving and caring staff who understand their unique, specific needs in an engaging and safe environment which enables them to learn in the ways most appropriate to them. Hadrian makes memories, we are ‘in the moment’, we provide skills for the future and make every child feel valued.

Parents feel their child is completely understood by us, that we hold the individual needs of every child of central importance and do everything we can to help them to thrive.

The child’s learning is continuously consolidated and built-upon, always keeping in mind what is important for the child to learn and experience now in order for them to be as independent, happy, curious and confident as possible by the time they leave Hadrian.

Together, Hadrian delivers a bespoke curriculum for every child

The curriculum is child-focussed and child-led. It is bespoke for each child according to their individual needs, abilities and interests. This is informed by pupil-voice, parental-voice and the thoughts of the multi-professional team who work with the child. We have clear aspirations for each child, incorporating what we want their life to look like when they become an adult and their long-term aims reflect how we are going to get there. The child’s provision addresses these aspirations.

Children leave feeling understood, supported, special, valued, accepted and ready for their next challenge. The curriculum is entirely flexible and teaches what is important to that child, including Maths and English where appropriate.

The curriculum is individualised to meet the needs of each pupil and their own barriers to learning are addressed. We maximise the potential of that child with what’s being taught to them.

Our curriculum gives our children opportunities to work on their individual outcomes from their EHCP while offering broad and wide ranging learning opportunities.

Together, Hadrian develops Independent and Resilient Children for Life

Our children develop life skills to be as independent as possible – in turn impacting on their confidence and self-esteem. Children are active learners and build up a resilience to cope with change. Our curriculum is purposeful to the lives they will go on to lead after their time at Hadrian.

By the time our children leave, we will have equipped them with the means to be as independent as possible in the wider community, relative to their abilities and stage of development. Children will have experienced learning that reflects this and will have gained enough confidence to practice this in all contexts.

We develop every child’s love of learning and the enthusiasm to explore their world and the confidence to ‘have a go’. Children experience success as well as being resilient enough to accept failure. We build relationships and develop every child’s emotional and sensory regulation.

Children will have the means to communicate their preferences and make their needs known – to be the best communicator they can be. It is essential that children are able to communicate their feelings as well as their wants and needs.

We develop children that are confident, have belief in their ability to succeed, who can go on to live safe and healthy lives.

Together, Hadrian is Creative, Broad, Challenging and Ambitious

Our children experience a broad and balanced curriculum which is appropriate to their needs, interests and passions. It is also challenging, ambitious and relevant. The curriculum is full of creativity and outdoor learning. Children are exposed to a wide range of activities to help them understand the world and enrich their enjoyment of it.

We develop and nurture children’s thirst for information and expose them to many new and exciting topics and experiences that they may not have the chance to come into contact with otherwise. The children experience being in the wider community and take part in fantastic creative opportunities such as the Shakespeare Schools Festival. They also take part in lots of real life experiences, educational visits, access first class resources and other skilled professionals.

The curriculum includes all areas of the EHC and each area is valued. The creative and broad curriculum gives context and substance to work on every child’s individual outcomes in order to tap into their full potential and challenge them with high expectations.

Together, Hadrian is Fun and Engaging

All children at Hadrian have a fun, interesting, exciting, engaging curriculum that gives lots of opportunities for experiential learning. The curriculum is engaging and exciting with opportunities for awe and wonder alongside developing functional skills. This fun and appropriate curriculum, with breadth of study over time, fosters a love of learning.

Together, Hadrian makes Memories

Our children and their families look back on their time at Hadrian and smile. They have a positive learning experience that gives them happy memories while also preparing them for life. They remember staff as being patient, loving, caring, fun and enthusiastic and their learning environment as being exciting and engaging. Hadrian is a happy place, which creates memories for life in learning and social experiences both in school and in the wider community.